K-Mot10n: World of Dance San Diego 2010

K-Mot10n’s first performance was “Snow White and the Seven Dorks” at World of Dance San Diego 2010.  (more…) read more →

Bring the Noise: World of Dance LA 2010

Check out the first-ever performance for our first hip-hop crew, Bring the Noise, is competition! This dance started it all.

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Fortissimo: World of Dance San Diego 2010

Check out Fortissimo at their first performance at WOD San Diego, 2010. They participated as an exhibition team with this piece inspired by Sleeping Beauty.

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Pandemonium: Urban Street Jam 2013

CF Dance Academy’s newest dance crew, Pandemonium, earns 2nd Place at 2013 Urban Street Jam, Anaheim.

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K-Mot10n & Fortissimo: World of Dance LA 2013

In April 2013, CF Dance Academy’s flagship hip-hop crews, Fortissimo and K-mot10n, both hit the stage at World of Dance, LA.

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