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Leanna Forcucci

Cathleen Forcucci

December 24, 1947 – August 14, 2003

Jennifer Forcucci

Our Story

Cathleen Forcucci-Heideman was the founder and long-time director of Cathleen Forcucci Dance Academy (now known as CF Dance Academy). Miss Cathy was a fully accredited teacher with the Cecchetti Council of America and received certification with the Cecchetti Society of America ISTD, their international affiliation.  Miss Cathy also taught with the City of Anaheim for twenty-two years. She directed the studio for many years with the support of her loving husband William Heideman. Now, C.F.D.A. is owned and directed by Miss Cathy’s daughters Jennifer Forcucci-Marzluf and Leanna Forcucci. CF Dance began with 50 students, and has now grown to service close to 700 students every year. Our mission is to continue our mother’s legacy of excellent dance instruction.