cecchetti ballet

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Cecchetti Ballet Examinations are held annually in October.

The Cecchetti Method is a disciplined system of ballet instruction designed with careful regard for the laws of anatomy. The Cecchetti trained student is better able to absorb the basic principles which govern the art rather than the mere imitation of an individual’s teaching style. Programs include weekly technique classes for beginning thru professional levels, weekend workshops, yearly ballet examinations and annual Summer International Ballet Seminars. Based on international standards, examinations are designed to give students and instructors of the Cecchetti Method a greater sense of purpose while ensuring that each level has been successfully accomplished before progressing to the next.

Meet our certified Cecchetti instructors:

Judith Hawkesworth, Fellow, Examiner

Jennifer Forcucci-Marzluf, Licentiate
Yumi Ito, Associate
Jessica Anderson, Teacher Certification 1

Kira Molenda, Teacher Certification 1