Class Descriptions

Parent and me

Parent and child will participate together in this class designed to involve the parent in the very beginning process of dance training with your child. This class will include creative pre-school exercises, song and dance routines, and dance related games.

Ballet Class Girl

Creative Ballet

“Look Mommy, I’m in my first dance class!” Children will be introduced to basic ballet movements while developing coordination, body control, and self-discipline.

Ballet and Tap Combination Classes

Children will learn and continue to develop the beginning techniques of ballet and tap dancing, as well as improve their coordination, posture, balance, and gracefulness in this class. Students will be placed into level of class based on age or by ability (recommendation of the teacher required if student is younger than the required age). Pre-Primary Combination classes will introduce dancers to the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Program.

Ballet Class youth

Cecchetti Classical

Ballet Program

The Cecchetti Method is a disciplined system of ballet instruction designed with careful regard for the laws of anatomy. Programs include weekly technique classes for beginning thru professional levels, weekend workshops, yearly ballet examinations and annual Summer International Ballet Seminars. Based on international standards, examinations are de- signed to give students and instructors of the Cecchetti Method a greater sense of purpose while ensuring that each level has been successfully accomplished before progressing to the next.

Pre-Pointe and Pointe

Dancers will learn how to work with a thera-band in order to improve foot and ankle strength. The instructor will also focus on core strengthening exercises, barre exercises and some beginning center work. This class is recommended and open to all dancers needing to improve their foot and core strength. Dancers taking this class in demi or full pointe shoes are required to take at least 2 hours of technique class and 2 hours of pointe class per week. Demi and/or Pre-pointe shoes are recommended by the instructor only but not required to take this class.

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A high energy class that uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with original movements and grooves or steps that have their base in jazz/funk. Techniques are taught through learning choreography that is appropriate for each level of class. Hip hop is urban, it’s street, it’s diverse and forever changing.


Contemporary is a hybrid of ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance styles. It is a ballet-based technique that allows a greater range of movement. This class focuses on centering, strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, improving balance, proper placement, body alignment, fluidity and emotion.

YAGP Contemporary Gabriella solo
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A dance form full of rhythm, syncopation, passion and life. Classes explore body isolations of the head, shoulders, rib cage, feet and arms and encourage individual expression. Jazz can be powerful and percussive or expressive and lyrical. Ever evolving, jazz dance is taught with the music of today together with the classical jazz of yesterday.


These classes concentrate on the technical aspects of leaping, jumping and turning by teaching a series of jumps, leaps and turns while focusing on weight and direction changes. Students will develop balance, strength, elevation and body alignment.

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Tap training enhances rhythmic dynamics, speed, and agility. Traditional and contemporary tap styles are taught with a focus on total body movement, technical correctness and performance quality. Dancers study basic to advanced tap terminology, technique, rhythm, coordination, and style.


Solo or small group lessons for any of the above dance forms for students age 5 or older

Choreographed dances for weddings, quinceañeras, or other special occasions

Ballroom lessons through independent ballroom instructors

Please contact us for more information on private lessons.