June Showcase

Our June Showcase is the highlight of the year for the whole CF Family! Each year, CF Dance creates a collection of dances featuring a theme like TV shows, History, Family Game Night, Under the Sea, Toy Story, and so much more! Our shows are entertaining for the whole family. We provide beautiful and detailed costumes and sets for our dancers. Our backstage experience is fun-filled and safe, with parent volunteers who ensure that your children are cared for and monitored while getting ready and waiting backstage. We hope to include you in our next fun-filled performance experience!

Nutcracker &
Holiday Shows

Much like our June Shows, The Nutcracker and Holiday shows provide a safe and fun way for your children to perform on stage. Our Nutcracker full length ballet is put together in 3 months, giving our ballet students a real sense of the professional ballet world as they're expected to work diligently to put together a beautiful and well-rehearsed ballet. The 'Holiday Dance Spectacular' is full of sparkles, holiday cheer, fun music and interactive opportunities for audience participation. Our Nutcracker and Holiday shows are the perfect way for family and friends to get in the holiday spirit!