Dancers with special needs


The Everybody Dance Now program is compromised of a one hour weekly class which includes 45 minutes of dance instruction followed by 15 minutes of socialization time with students, parents, instructors and peer buddies. Dance instruction includes:

  • Opening Song and Roll Call to engage listening and speaking/social skills

  • Warming Up & Stretching

  • Over, Under, Around & Through Obstacle Course to promote spatial awareness

  • Across the Floor steps to promote large motor skill development and agility

  • Learning dance choreography to a set song that they will practice every week

  • Closing Game

  • Peer Buddies will assist the teachers and students with class curriculum

our program was featured in dance teacher magazine!

Miss Jessica Anderson (Dance Instructor) has been teaching dance for 5 years and is pursing her BA in Child Development & Family Studies.


Miss Robin Hogerhuis (Inclusion Facilitator) has her MS in Special Education and her MA in Applied Behavior Analysis.  Miss Robin is also the mother of two children with special needs.


Miss Leanna Forcucci (Dance Instructor) has been teaching dance for 26 years and has her BA in Child Development and Family Studies.


Miss Vanessa Benitez (Dance Instructor) has been teaching dance for over 16 years and has been with CF Dance for 14 years.