Words from the Professional 

Dance Community

“Great kids! Great Studio. Great care to be thorough in the service/passion that is given!”

— CJ Edwards

“A diamond that shines among the darkness within the dance industry! CF is the definition of leaders, not followers, as they refuse to compromise the healthy development of your child in order to keep up with the ever growing trends of putting overtly sexualised movement on their dancers and using music with degrading messages and lyrics. They are a place of holistic education. They are a family and they are focused on using their skills to edify their community as a whole. Not just dance moves. Love you all!” — Leslie Scott

“An amazing studio with extremely well-mannered, positive, passionate, disciplined and respectful students.”

— Rudi Smit

From families and students:

“The teachers and assistants know each child as an individual, and choreograph according to their skills. My son and daughter attend and they are very close to their teachers, and other students. Excellent variety of classical dance and contemporary. My son is five, and he feels right at home in ballet and tap, as there are many other boys in the studio family. A very kind and loving environment for kids.”

— Karina

“CF Dance Academy is a family based studio where you feel at home, and their staff is superb! It is a kid friendly environment, where children come first. We have lots of fun, while at the same time learning awesome dance routines! This is the best place where kids can be active.”

— Silvia

“I’ve said it once…I’ll say it again…CF Dance Academy doesn’t just teach dance as an art. The life lessons of hard work, humility and persistence are given as much importance as your passion and love for it.”

— Mary

“My daughter is almost three and started taking lessons at CF Dance Academy. She loves going and they are all so nice and patient with her.”

— Jennifer

“My daughter has been dancing at the studio for seven years! We call the studio our second home. All the teachers are dedicated and hard working…the showcases each year are amazing…CF Dance rocks!”

— Stephanie

“CF Dance Academy is the best dance studio in the whole world. I love how everyone treats you and the teachers are great!”

— Sierrah

“I love CF Dance Academy. I first learned of them through the city of Anaheim about two years ago. After meeting their instructors and seeing how well they work with kids we signed up right away. My daughter has been signed up with CF directly every since.”

— Lachaunda

“Great studio filled with wonderful people that provides a terrific and varied dance education.” — Sandra

“I’m a dancer [at CF Dance Academy] and it’s like my second home. Everyone is always happy and helpful and I have become a much better dancer over the course of 10 years.”

— Genesee 

“I have been dancing at this studio since I was three and have loved it. All the dance teachers are just so nice and always make up cute fun dances. I highly recommend it.”

— Alyssa

“CF Dance Academy has an amazing team of talented instructors. It is one of the few dance studios where you will find it attracts both boys and girls for their variety if dance styles offered.”

— Patricia

“This school is awesome! Miss Jessica has opened doors for my daughter! These teachers have a true gift.”

— Danielle

“My kids are always smiling when they go to CF Dance Academy and they love their instructors. They not only enjoy learning new dances, but it all carries over to school and at home.”

— William

“My children have had five different teachers in four different styles and levels of dance. Each class and teacher has been wonderful and my kids have loved each and every one.” — Amber

“Parent, teacher and student interaction and relationship is amazing! They respect each other and bring out the best in every kid. My two children take dance classes with them and they love every second of it.”

— Ovilie

“Super friendly atmosphere. Instructors are professional and I love how they talk and encourage my daughter five year old to become a great dancer and bring up her self confidence. I would highly recommend this academy.”

— Hilda

“Best family atmosphere…My kids will only go to CF Dance Academy and Miss Leanna is just the best! Encouraging and uplifting but will push each child to their full potential!”

— Joslynn

“Thank you CF Dance Academy Staff for carrying on the dream and teaching and sharing the knowledge, the art, the passion and most of all being a supportive mentor. We are blessed to be a part of this studio family and support all that you do. Every teacher is so amazingly talented and such an honor to have as a teacher. These teachers teach from their hearts and that is why it is so amazing to watch the kids all learn and grow. Thank you all for giving our children such great opportunities! You all ROCK!”

— Karen

“CF has become a second home for my daughter. The teachers are all amazing and always put the student’s best interest first. Students receive great dance instruction and most importantly life long lessons. So glad to be a part of the CF family!”

— Carmela

“Going here for two years and I love it. The teachers are amazing and really care. They really try to help everyone. Definitely the place to be.”

— Natasha

“My son absolutely loves CF Dance, it has become his second home! The instructors are amazingly talented and wonderful with the kids. We’re looking forward to another year, we love you CF!”

— Tara

“Not your typical dance studio – the instructors truly love their students. At CF, kids develop a greater appreciation for dance and a positive self-esteem is fostered.”

— Kat

“My daughter has some health issues and was not able to start dancing till age 9, CF Dance Academy has welcomed her and taught her so much in the last year! Her dreams of being a dancer are coming true!! Thank you so much!”

— Suzanne

“I love the variety of dancing styles CF Dance Academy has to offer. My niece has developed so much in the year that she’s been enrolled. She and I look forward to many more years at CF Dance Academy.”

— Suzy

“I love going to CF Dance. Our instructor, Miss Jessica is great with kids. I wonder if she babysits…”

— Shelli

“Even though my daughters have only been enrolled for a little under a year, I can honestly say CF Dance Academy is AMAZING!! My girls love it, I love it! Absolutely ALL their staff is wonderful, friendly and it’s a very welcoming environment! My daughters have learned so much and have easily come out of their shell! I really appreciate all the hard work and dedication all the instructors put into every class session! Thank you CF Dance Academy!! You are definitely #1 in my book!”

— Carolina

“CF Dance Academy is the BEST dance studio for kids because not only does it have a great environment it has amazing teachers. Everyone in the studio is super friendly including the dancers. Miss Leanna Forcucci…is such an inspiration to everyone in the dance community. She is one of the main reasons why CF Dance Academy is the best studio for kids. Her sister Miss Jennifer [Marzluf] is equally an inspiration and motivator to all. Both are amazing teachers and mentors. They cannot be beat.”

— Christopher

“I just want to say thank you to all the wonderful teachers and helpers at CF Dance Academy!  I thought I was getting a lil’ too old to do dance (haven’t taken lessons since tap at age 7 and a jazz class at age 14), 
but man … I LOVE IT!!!!! So much fun, great exercise, but most of all … amazing people!”


“… I also just wanted to interject how my girls really enjoy being in your ballet class. The confidence, grace and the eagerness to do their personal best that you have instilled in my girls will continue to be with them for the rest of their lives.  You truely do make a difference in my girls’ lives.  Thanks.”

— Beth

“I just wanted to let you both know that I am constantly impressed by the amount of work you do and am truly appreciative of everything you do with the City of Anaheim. You ladies are amazing!  Thank you for all your hard work!”

— Holly

“I am so glad to hear that she is doing well in your class. She absolutely loves it!”

— Christa

“I want to comment that I appreciate you as an instructor.  I can see the love you have for this sport and art form, and the passion you have to teach students this challenging, yet rewarding skill.  You are a valuable asset to CFDance, and I look forward to joining the class again in the new year (which will be here before we know it!)  Thank you for all that you do.” — Ben

“… Anyway when [she] returned from class 2 weeks ago, she was ecstatic!!   She enjoyed dance class for hours later, dancing all throughout the house. She shared her new moves, etc. So thanks again!!”

— Susanna

“Thank you Miss Paige for molding Bethany into a fine young dancer. Both of you have been a great inspiration for Bethany. As her mother I am excited to have her continue working with such excellent instructors at CF Dance.”

— Urzula

“We very much appreciate that Miss Leanna is always there and on time and I love all the email communication.” — Sharon

“…We appreciate the professionalism of the studio and the basic method and standards of teaching that are in place across all the different styles of dance. All of the teachers really care about every student and really show it with their interactions. As parents, we can really tell that you all want the best for your dancers. No matter how big the classes are, every teacher and demonstrator we have experienced at CF Dance has made a conscious effort to really assist dancers if they need the extra help, or give them praise when they are doing something well. You have implemented such great training in your classes that your more experienced dancers are very good demonstrators and extensions of the teachers in class.”

— Sara

“…Friends and family thought we were crazy to make the 20-30 minute drive multiple times a week and told us to “just find another studio.” We tell them this just isn’t possible, because we can’t find another studio that has such excellent training in all styles of dance. In fact, we haven’t heard from any other parents, or experienced ourselves, that there is any other studio that cares for and motivates their students as much as CF Dance does. I never could have imagined that [our two children] would dance like they do after only dancing for a year. You have really inspired this love for dance in them and they are excited to come to class every single session. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful place for our children!”

— Amber